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The sentence is a unit of language are words or series of words that can stand alone and expressed complete meaning . The sentence is the smallest unit of speech that expresses a complete thought , both orally and in writing . In oral form , the sentence pronounced by the sound up and down ,

 hard and soft , interrupted by pauses , and ended with a final intonation . Meanwhile, in the form of the Latin -lettered writing , a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a dot ( . ) , Question mark ( ? ) And the exclamation point ( ! ) . At least a sentence in the range of formal , oral or written , must have a subject ( S ) and a predicate ( P ) . If you do not have both of these elements , the statement is not a sentence , but only a phrase . That's what separates phrases with sentences . Here , the sentence is divided into two .

For what we count the number of characters ? Lots of reasons . Possible to determine the number of characters in a post , knowing the number of characters in the article that you created in Microsoft Word , know the length of the character description of your blog , knowing keywords character length of your blog or to know the length of the other characters . Remember , the length of the character of the post content , keywords , or enough to affect the description of your blog in search engines or search engines like google and others . For reference only, the good stuff was at least about 400 letters / characters , keywords maximum of 200 characters , descriptions about between 300-500 characters .

 Character Counting Number Online Articles

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